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Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our young people and their families are at the centre of what we do; empowered to learn and achieve; valued within our and their communities as visible, resilient, active and responsible citizens.

Our employees and partners are passionate about being the best that they can be; providing opportunities for enriched learning and pathways to employment and independence.

Our school is relentlessly focused on improvement; it values and celebrates success and builds partnerships to develop personalised provision for those we serve.

Our Ethos

At Bader Academy, our ethos is to “Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Ready”. This is a shared understanding and is emphasised to all pupils and staff alike;

  • To treat others with kindness
  • To keep ourselves and others safe, in school, at home and within the community
  • To be ready for anything including learning, having fun and to be ourselves!

Our Vision and Values

Bader will not only provide a curriculum which will enrich the lives of those who attend, it will be an activist for positive change for all our pupils, our school and the global community.

The vision for Bader school was formulated from research and ideologies which underpins all that we do.

The 6 Change Makers will support us to achieve our vision and will provide the foundations for all our work. The Change Maker principles are aligned to our curriculum and are interwoven across each half term.


Adaptable - We know that the world around us is changing. We embrace this and support our young people to have the confidence to choose paths less trodden than before.

Brave - Growth does not happen in our comfort zone. At Bader, we stretch and challenge our young people to understand the importance of learning from failure and enjoy the learning that occurs this way.

Positivity - Life is not always easy. Wellbeing, healthy living and strategies to improve our outlook play a huge a part in daily life at Bader and support our young people to deal with issues, in ways which promote positivity.

Future - Lifestyles, the world of work and society in general will be much different in years to come and we ensure that our curriculum develops life skills to enable our young people to be successful long after leaving Bader. We do this by providing a real life, relevant, knowledge rich curriculum.

Share - We cannot do this alone. Life is built on relationships and at Bader we know that to enrich the lives of the children we educate, we need to share ourselves with the world. Bader is not isolated and our learners will hold their rightful place in society.

Love - We love who we are, we love learning, we love our school.