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What should I do if my child is unwell and unable to go to school?

Please telephone the school office first thing in the morning to let us know about any absence. Please note, if we are not informed of your child’s absence it may result in your child receiving an unauthorised absence mark. If leaving a message, we would ask that you state your child’s full name and the full reason for absence. You should also telephone transport if your child receives transport to and from school and cancel for the days your child will be absent for.

How do I let the school know about medical and hospital appointments?

If the appointment cannot be organised outside of school hours, then you’ll need to telephone the school office or email us at You should ensure you state the date, time, and type of appointment e.g. hospital, doctors etc. Please note, that you may be asked to provide proof of the appointment.

Is the school responsible for organising and communicating with transport?

No, school and transport are run separately. If there are any issues with the transport for your child please in the first instance contact transport directly on 01302 736080 / 736081 or 737220. At Bader, we do want to support our pupils and families so are happy to listen and advise, however, any direct communication should be carried out between yourselves and transport, this includes cancelling if transport is not required due to medical appointments, illness or any other scenario. For those young people travelling from out of borough your local authority will be able to direct you to their transport department.

How will the school let me know if it’s closed due to unforeseen circumstances (such as inclement weather)? 

Whilst the school is always determined to stay open, severe inclement weather, such as snow, can mean that it isn’t safe for pupils to be in school. On these rare occasions the school uses their website, Class Dojo, email and MyChildAtSchool to ensure communications are made to families, it is therefore very important that your contact details are kept up to date in school.

Will the school administer medication to my child? 

If a doctor has prescribed medicine for your child that has to be taken four times a day or at specific times during the day, school will arrange for this to be administered. Please ensure that the medication is unopened, clearly labelled with your child’s name and has the full prescription label attached, including the expiry date, and dosage of medication to be administered. Medication must be handed to the office by an adult and will be stored securely. If your child uses transport, medicines can be given to the transport escort. You will also need to complete a Parental Agreement for Bader Academy to administer medication. Copies will be placed on our school website for you to print and send in with the medication. The medication will be kept in school until the end of the requirement. Please note analgesic medication including paracetamol again cannot be administered unless prescribed by a doctor with a prescription label clearly stating the dosage, child’s name and expiry date. 

What should I do if my child tests positive for Covid-19?

As a school we follow the latest government guidance, a link for this can be found here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance - GOV.UK ( If you are unsure or would like any further information you can contact the school office.