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Autumn Term 1 2022-23

This half term our big question is ‘Who are We?’ and our Changer Maker Principle is Brave. As we enter a new school year, and embrace a fresh start the change maker is specific to young people moving groups, schools and embracing new and different expectations which is vital in establishing life skills. We will embrace a hook for learning for all young people. Liz Million will visit pupils in Lower School with a focus on caricatures and showcasing illustrations and texts. Upper School will visit Dannum Gallery as their hook for learning in to the enquiry question. Curriculum content for each Key Stage can be specifically noted and captured below… Our real world outcome and showcase of learning will be captured in a Who are We exhibition where families are joined to celebrate all young peoples learning and achievements across school, showcasing who are learners as writers, artists, mathematicians and historians to name a few. We know celebrations of our young people and real world outcomes enable proud moments and achievements for individuals as well as whole classes and groups to be recognised.