Letter to Families - 22/04/2022

Dear Families,

It has been wonderful to welcome our young people back to school and we have had the sun shining to help too! What an amazing week it has been, we cannot believe we are in the Summer Term already. Pupils have returned fantastically and we have been really proud to see them settle into learning, adapt to changes (particularly in Upper School with their timetable changes) and amaze us all with their positive attitudes to learning. We have welcomed Amy Wilkes who is class teacher for Class Base 6 and Abby Slater who is a teaching assistant in Class Base 4 to the Bader family, young people have been very welcoming and are getting to know Amy and Abby.

The launch of new themes across school has started this week. An overview of what pupils will be learning in their class bases will be sent home on Dojo in the coming week. The overviews will give you further information into what pupils will be learning across this half term. We have a fun filled, busy Summer Term planned and we are really looking forward to celebrating achievements and watching our young people continue to amaze us every day. We also cannot wait to welcome parents into school this half term for a picnic to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and to spend time together as a community, we were so proud of how many families came to our MacMillan coffee morning in the Autumn Term.

Lower School

Class Base 1 - Are learning about what we can see in summer. The pupils will be exploring different ways to make patterns and developing their fine motors skills with activities such as cutting, sticking and making fruit kebabs. In Science, they will be learning about the animals, plants and the different environments where plants grow. The pupils will continue to develop their phonics and number skills, and will be learning about traditional tales and fairy tales.

Class Base 2 Blue, 2 Green and 3 – Pupils will be thinking about and exploring what’s beyond the clouds – ‘splendid skies’. This term, the pupils will be learning all about the weather and different seasons in Science. They will be developing their knowledge of the world, the tropics and the equator and will be learning all about the history of aviation! In addition to this, the pupils will be learning how to use a range of different skills and techniques in their art work, and will be designing and making kites.

Class Base 4, 5 and 6 - Pupils will be learning about “Who lives on a street like this?” During this term, the pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of human and physical features of the land in Geography. They will learn about different plants and animal habits and what they need to survive and will be learning how to cook food outdoors! The pupils will also continue to build upon their writing skills through reading adventures stories and information texts.

We cannot wait to see all the amazing learning that will be coming up in Lower School!

Upper School

Across the Summer Term, pupils in Upper School are beginning their Potions unit of work, (Mad Professor theme) exploring the question ‘Could a potion change the world?’ During this term pupils have started new timetable and are moving around classes for different lessons, they will spend the half term getting used to this. In Science, pupils will be learning about the Human Body. Pupils will learn about different organs, which are organised into organ systems that carry out all of the key processes of life.

Pupils will continue to work on their English and Mathematical skills accessing specific lessons daily with Cat and Emma. In food technology pupils will be designing and making a variety of chocolate treats which we cannot wait to try! There is a very busy term ahead.

Enrichment Activities Summer Term

Caged Steel - Caged Steel started this week for Upper School and it was great to see so many young people engaging and enjoying the opportunity. This week they focussed on learning new skills and building relationships with the instructors. For those young people that are wanting to continue with this, a parent letter will be coming home. A session for Lower School has also been secured following the success of their unit of work during the Autumn / Spring Term. If you have any questions please contact Kirsty Shaw Assistant Headteacher.

DARTs - Lower School will be commencing with their music project for this term, with a theme again on learning and developing new skills in the production of music. This part is a continuation of what they have been doing last term and we look forward to hearing the pieces that they create.

DARTs – Upper School have been starting on their next transition project which is sculpting. They have once again engaged in this topic and through tactile work they have been sculpting their faces and making physical representations of themselves. It has been brilliant to see how they have worked together to help each other and to see them paying such great attention and detail to what they have produced.

Austerfield Study Centre – We have continued with sessions at Austerfield for this term. There will be a different group of pupils to the Spring Term accessing session across this term. If this applies to your young person you will receive a letter and there will be the same voluntary contribution asked for of £5 per week. If this affects you and your young person you will receive a letter and additional information next week.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) / Friends of Bader

Thank you to those parents who have completed the Microsoft Form if interested in being part of the PTA / Friends of Bader, if you have not yet had the chance to do so, but you are interested in attending the next meeting please complete the form via this link and a date and time can then be set


The next meeting date will be published in next week’s family letter.

Dates for your diary

Please see below some key dates for the rest of the term. As always more information will follow closer to the time of the event. More events may be added, if this is the case you will be informed.

  • Monday 2nd May – Bank Holiday school will be closed
  • Week commencing 2nd May pupils will learn about and celebrate Eid al Fitr
  • Friday 27th May – Queen Jubilee and Family Picnic in school – further information will follow, but families welcome in school - times to be confirmed
  • Friday 27th May – school closes for half term
  • Monday 6th June – Inset day school will be closed to pupils
  • Tuesday 7th June – school reopens for the final half term

PE Sessions and PE Kit

We have been amazed with all young people this week. We have launched specific PE sessions which is dedicated time on each of the classes timetables with Charlotte, who is a specialist trained PE teacher. Pupils have been accessing session across the year but this is now more formalised since returning after Easter, they have been amazing with the changes and we are really pleased to see them continue to embrace everything which is asked of them!

As we move forward during the Summer Term we would like to encourage young people to change into a PE kit for these lessons, developing their independent skills. We recognise not all young people will manage this and of course will take this into account. We would ask though that you send a PE kit in with your child which consists of a T-shirt (white if possible) and pair of shorts (black if possible) along with appropriate shoes if they do not already wear appropriate shoes in school for PE.

Please though be rest assured that if this will take longer for young people to adjust to we completely understand. For those who are able to adjust to this if PE kits could come into school on Tuesday 3rd May that would be amazing and we can begin the work of supporting young people. If you would like specific information as to PE days and times for your child please contact the class teacher directly and they will be able to support you with this information.

Sun Cream & Warm Weather

Our young people really enjoy spending time outdoors and outdoor learning is an extremely important part of our curriculum. As the weather is now getting warmer, could we please ask that you send your child to school with a sunhat, where possible, to provide additional protection during the warm days and a water bottle so they can access a drink throughout the day.

In addition to this, please send sun cream in for your child so that this can be applied during pupils’ outdoor time. The sun cream needs to be clearly labelled with your child’s name and we will keep this in school and send home at the end of the summer term. Please note we will only be able to allow your child to use the sun cream which is provided from home.

Tesco Community Grant

Just a quick reminder that our bid for a Tesco Community Grant was successful. For those that shop in Tesco, this means that we will are taking part in the blue token scheme. The voting is still live in store and will continue 30th June 2022 the collection for Bader is in the following areas:

2028 Armthorpe Doncaster Express DN3 3DL Express
2418 Doncaster Edenthorpe DN3 2JE Superstore
3407 Wheatley D/Caster Express DN2 5NH Express
5320 Station Rd Hatfield Express DN7 6QD Express
5665 Bessacarr Doncaster Express DN4 7DA Express

We thank you in advance for your support with this, please share with family and friends!


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you wish to discuss further.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards,

Viki Drew
Head of School

Posted in Weekly Letters on Apr 25, 2022

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