Letter to Families - 10.09.2021

Dear Families,

It has been fantastic to welcome pupils back to school this week. All young people have been simply amazing and have embraced the new school year wonderfully.

Pupils who joined us during the last academic year have returned to school fantastically. They have loved sharing with us everything that they have been doing during their summer break. All pupils seem really happy to be back at school and are taking the time to get used to their new class groups, for some this has also meant transitioning to a new classroom and becoming more familiar with their new staff team.

We are so proud of the pupils who started with us on Wednesday, we have seen pupils working together and spending time getting to know their new peers and staff. Lots of work has been done to support them in recognising different staff members and learning to spend time together in their new classrooms. There has been lots of positive feedback, which has been truly amazing, both from pupils and families, thank you for sharing this with us. It is lovely to see so many happy and smiling faces in the morning!

We know that all families will be eager to know what their child will be learning in school this half term. An overview of your child’s learning and what they will be covering up to October half term will be posted on ClassDojo. Please look out for this on your child’s class story next week! If you would prefer a paper copy, please do let us know and we will send one home with your child across next week.


Thank you to those of you who have logged onto ClassDojo. We have started using ClassDojo for pupils in school, to award Dojo points for things we see which we are very proud of. These are being awarded for amazing work, positive behaviour and when we see pupils demonstrating our school values and ethos. Once you have the app, you will be able to see the amazing things that your child is doing in the classroom and communicate with the class team directly, as well as seeing how many Dojo points your child has achieved.

If you have not yet downloaded the app, please check your email for a Dojo invite, if you use this link it will support you in the process of logging into the app. If you have any issues please speak to your child’s class teacher who will be able to support you with this.

School’s Parent App

Thank you to many parents who have downloaded the Parent App MyChildatSchool (MCAS). This parent app is an application which enables families to view their child’s school data on their smartphone or online. If you have not done so already please download the app from your app store by searching for MyChildatSchool or access online at: https://www.mychildatschool.com/MCAS/MCSParentLogin

User details and logins have been sent to all families, if you have not yet received yours, or, if you require any support please do not hesitate in contacting us. This app enables you to view your child’s attendance, pay for school meals and review permissions you have given to school in respect of your child.

School Ethos

All pupils have been working hard in their classrooms this week learning about our school ethos. At Bader Academy our ethos is be kind, be safe, be ready. Pupils have been amazing talking about these. We have shared with each other what it means to be kind, safe and ready for learning and engagement within classrooms and across school. We will be continuing to work on this across the academic year.

We are really looking forward to celebrating achievements when we see our young people demonstrating the school ethos! All young people were really good at explaining what our ethos meant to them. This will also help to support us in providing consistent language across school too.

Online Safety information

The Online Together Project

For children aged 6 years and upwards, Internet Matters have created a new interactive game called The Online Together Project, which is designed to help develop critical thinking skills, and encourage a positive and inclusive culture online. Essentially it's a question and answer game, but after each answer there is supporting advice and guidance. Although aimed at home this could also potentially be used in the classroom. For more information please see HERE

Helping my Autistic Child Stay Safe Online The Ann Craft Trust and The Marie Collins Foundation have collaborated and put together a wonderful new resource for parents. It is a beautifully designed leaflet which describes and gives support and guidance in relation to online harm. The leaflet is free to download in PDF format but parents can also request hard copies. To download the leaflet please see HERE

For Parents - Lego Privacy and Safe Sharing Adventure Lego have released a new, free online safety resource for parents and their children. Called Build and Talk it's a question and answer story game to allow parents to talk to their child about digital safety and wellbeing. For more information please see HERE


We are very much looking forward to another amazing week and sharing with you all of the wonderful achievements of your child. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Kind Regards,

Viki Drew

Head of School

Posted in Weekly Letters on Sep 15, 2021

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