Letter to Families - 08/10/2021

Dear Families,

We have had another wonderful week, most young people have now fully transitioned into school which is brilliant. The positivity around school continues to radiate throughout. Classrooms are busier than ever and it is lovely to see displays of pupils work and to hear about everything they have been learning. It is getting harder and harder to choose the certificate winners at the end of the week which is fantastic, highlighting how well each and every young person is doing, we are so proud!

Without you the huge success would not be possible so thank you very much, we cannot wait to see what next week has to offer. Next Friday, we will have completed our first half term which has absolutely flown by.

Hello Yellow Day

We have celebrated Hello Yellow day this week and the pupils in Base 9 and 10 did a tremendous job of planning an enrichment day. They have created an awareness of Mental Health throughout school and raised money for the charity Young Minds. There were a wide range of activities during the morning, focussing on working with others, being kind and sharing thoughts and feelings. We had a film section to the morning where pupils chose what makes them happy and accessed their film choices, sharing time and space with others across school they would not usually have the chance to, beginning to form ‘Bader Buddies’ across school.

Of course, we cannot forget what really made our young people happy which was our ‘soak the teacher event’! This was very well received and attended! It was lovely to see such enthusiasm and passion. Thank you for all your donations, we are so proud to say that as a school we raised £113.30 which is down to you as families so a very big thank you. We thought a couple of pictures might make you smile…

Halloween Party

Last week, the family letter contained all events up to Christmas, however, we have received some persuasive letters from our young people requesting a Halloween Party on the morning of the last day of this half term (Friday 15th October). The arguments were compelling, and they had clearly articulated how this would be beneficial. Class Base 7 have also been working to gather the voice of the wider school population. Many were in favour of this!

Therefore, next Friday 15th October, our last day of this half term, we will be having a Halloween Party for those who wish to attend. Many young people have said that they would also like to wear fancy dress. Fancy dress is optional, however, if your child would like to come to school in fancy dress next Friday this is permitted, could we please ask though that it is suitable for all ages and is deemed acceptable for all of our young people to see, without being too frightening. We would ask for families to support with this to ensure anxieties are not heightened for those not wishing to take part.

School Dinners – Change of catering provider

After the half-term, we will be changing our catering supplier from DMBC to Relish School Food Ltd; this choice has been made across a number of schools within Nexus Trust. We believe that this change will only benefit our young people. Moving to Relish gives us the opportunity to create exciting new menu choices for our pupils, while continuing to provide favourites our young people love. Relish’s emphasis is on quality, fresh ingredients and all meals are cooked from scratch wherever possible. During the Autumn 2 term, up to Christmas, we will continue with the three meal options, but will be working with the pupils to develop choices for all. The menus are shown at the end of this letter. We were also very fortunate to host the taster sessions at Bader during the last academic year and pupil voice was very clear that they preferred the offer Relish showcased and they enjoyed the taster menu they provided!

The price of £2.50 we currently charge has meant that the school has been subsiding the cost of the meals which, with the increased number of pupils in school is no longer feasible. We have not taken this decision lightly, however, continuing to subsidise school meals from other areas of our budget would mean that money available for teaching and learning would be impacted, affecting pupils in school. Therefore we must now increase the price of school meals to £2.75 per day, £13.75 per week.

This represents a figure whereby school is still subsidising meals but on a much smaller scale; no profit is made on school meal charges. We feel that given the quality of the meal and the options available that this still represents good value for money.

Please note that this change will not affect those who are entitled to free school meals through the Universal Free School Meals programme in Years 1 and 2. It will also not affect children in any Key Stage who have access to Free School Meals.

We do understand that this may impact on some families, and if you feel this will affect your family, then we would urge to check if your family would be entitled to free school meals by either going online to the DMBC website at https://www.doncaster.gov.uk/doitonline/free-school-meals or by contacting the school office. All queries will be handled confidentially; we do not want ANY child to miss out on a school meal through the price increase.

Incidentally, if your family would be entitled to free school meals but you have chosen not to make an application, there are other additional benefits to making an application and we would encourage you to do so using the methods shown above.

Dinner Menu following half term


We are very much looking forward to another amazing week and sharing with you all of the wonderful achievements of your child. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Kind Regards,

Viki Drew

Head of School

Posted in Weekly Letters on Oct 08, 2021

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